Now it is the time for sewing! One has already learned the process of inserting a bobbin. So, you have to know how to thread a sewing machine. There different types of sewing machines are available.

That is why it is quite impossible to present the specific sewing machine details according to the models. Therefore, we have a framework that will offer a clear idea of upper and lower threads.

We will mainly try to present the threading process of the sewing machine according to the model or brand. So, let’s know how to thread a sewing machine along with other related topics.

Threads on a Sewing Machine:

Usually, the sewing machine of the household work has two threads. Both threads operate together to make a perfect form of stitches. The first thread comes from the upper side of your machine spool. 

Also, it goes by the needle’s eye. Another thread comes from the machine’s bobbin. You will get a bobbin in the middle of your machine. Besides, there is a needle plate, and the threads come from it.

Before We Get Started:

Firstly, you have to make sure of four things before you start threading by your sewing machine. So, let’s have a look at the below to know about the most important things.

  • First, take outside the sewing machine and fix it in a suitable place for you.
  • Now, take the manual of the sewing machine and follow the instruction to fix your machine.
  • Then take a bobbin with a light color thread and fix it in your sewing machine by following the instructions.
  • Last, take the similar color thread spool and make a pair with the bobbin thread.

Note: Sometimes, it may happen that you do not have the instruction manual of your sewing machine. That can be a significant problem if you are a first time user of the sewing machine. In this case, you can find the solution online.

Just give the brand name of your sewing machine with the model number online. Then you will get the details of your sewing machine. Moreover, one can directly contact the manufacturer.

However, it is effortless to get any phone number of any renowned company. Also, you can contact the third-party supplier of machine manuals. It may take a little charge.

Important: There are different types of bobbins available. You have to select one bobbin according to your machine’s model. Otherwise, your machine will not be able to present the right sewing. And your sewing task will not be fun anymore.

Directions to Thread the Top Spool:

Now we will talk about the directions of top spool threading. First, you have to make sure the thread with a light color for the spool. Here, our advice is to check your machine’s manual to get the same setting options of your machine. Many parts one wants to locate those are:

  • Foot lifter of the presser
  • spool pin
  • Lever of take-up thread
  • Thread guides
  • Nearest needle thread guide

You need to use these parts to thread almost every sewing machine. However, many machines come with a variety of steps for threading. Have a look at the below for those:

  • Switch off your sewing machine
  • Elevate the foot presser
  • Take the needle in the higher position by using the hand wheel to you.
  • Keep the thread spool on the machine’s spool pin.
  • Follow the thread guides and move your thread from the top.
  • Take your thread down according to the instructions.
  • Be careful while threading the needle.
  • Pull 5 to 6 inches’ thread that should be smooth.

Lastly, we want to tell you that nothing is better than an instruction manual to fix the sewing machine. So, try to collect a manual before setting up the sewing machine.

Draw Up the Bobbin Thread:

First, prepare your top thread, and through your eyes on the needle, one has to draw a bobbin thread from the machine’s needle plate. Mainly, all the stages are the same whether the bobbin is top-loading or front-loading—one thing you have to keep in mind is your fingers’ safety.

The needle of your sewing machine is sharp. That is why you have to be very careful about your fingers. Many sewing machines use the variations of the below steps while drawing up the thread of the bobbin.

  • Elevate the foot presser
  • Hold the upper thread tail with the left hand threaded by the needle from the left and back presser foot.
  • Turn the machine’s hand wheel to you and elevate the needle.
  • Pull up the thread of one’s left hand and pull the thread (lower) into the hole of the plate of the needle.
  • You have to be careful to swipe the closed blade scissors under the foot of the presser and move your bobbin thread from underneath.
  • Hold the ending part of the machine’s bobbin thread as well as you have to pull toward the backside of your machine.
  • One must have 4 to 5 inches’ thread on the bobbin or upper side.

Last but not least, keep your eyes on the manual directions to get the same draw-up of the thread (bobbin) from it.

Practice Threading Your Machine

Practice threading is one of the crucial parts of your sewing machine. We strongly suggest one to practice rethreading and threading from the bobbin threads and top several times.

What! Why?!

When you sew, you will need to rethread or change the spool or the bobbin. However, there are some reasons for changing colors, running out of bobbins and spool, and breaking the thread. Indeed, stitching is fun when one can rethread and reload the bobbin quickly.

But if you face a problem or take time to rethread or fill the bobbin, then you will never enjoy your sewing. Moreover, you will not get the perfect sewing as well. Another important thing is that you have to be very careful when you select one sewing machine.

Here, our advice is to go to the latest sewing machine with the updated features and easy bobbin installation process. However, we will present one story that will clarify why one needs to buy a machine with an easy inserting process. So, let’s read the info below.

Let’s Know A Story Here:

Now we will provide some tips for your old sewing machine. When you are using the same sewing machine for 25 years, then you can face some problems. One of the significant issues is skipping the stitches. Now we will share a little story with you that we have gotten from one of our clients.

The client’s mother has many sewing machines, and she gave one to our client. It was the same as the client’s previous sewing machine but from a different brand and model. However, the client had noticed many changes in her mother’s sewing machine when she started sewing.

First, she got the changes while inserting the bobbing. Also, there are some changes in the spool pin. Mostly, she got that her mother’s machine takes more time to thread a quilt.

On the other hand, she could thread the quilt in her machine in a short time. Another drawback of the mother’s machine is after threading a long time, the upper spool pin ran out. That means she needs to rethread your sewing machine again and again.

Indeed, it is very time consuming and boring as well. Lastly, our client told us about the different features and settings. Therefore, you can understand from this story that there are many variations in the sewing machine. Also, other features and settings are available in different models and brands.

Tips for Practicing Threading the Machine:

Now we will present some tips that will help you to practice threading the sewing machine. First, we will talk about the bobbin inserting. Usually, one can easily install this bobbin, even without the manual guide.

Once one feels comfortable to insert the bobbin, then rethread, and threading will be fun for you.
Now let’s talk about the upper spool pin. When one removes the upper thread from your sewing machine, then cut the top thread.

At this time, you have to hold the end of the thread and keep it near the machine’s needle. After that, you have to pull the thread through your machine. So, your thread fibers will be inside of your sewing machine.

Moreover, rethread and thread the upper spool until one is trusting in the instruction of the manual. After completing all the instructions, then load your bobbin to rethread your machine for a minimum of 7 to 10 minutes.

If you feel that you need to practice more, then start threading until one feels good with the machine. Practice can make you perfect, so you have to practice more and more to get the better thread. But one thing that keeps in mind that uses your needle while drawing the thread bobbin.

Final Verdict:

From the above, you already know how to thread a sewing machine. But it is better to follow the manual guide that you get with the machine.

Indeed, it is beneficial to install the bobbin and spool pin correctly. So, enjoy your sewing with the perfect and easy installing process.