While having these backpacks, you don’t need to stop cooking. When it’s Sunday, you can prepare your meal as a complete culinary queen. If you don’t find the can opener, you’re sure that one was in the utensil drawer. It has disappeared magically. So, you can in depressed about how to open a can without a can opener. 

As a result, you can tear the kitchen by searching for that can opener. However, the counters are full of meal prepping materials, including the hot pan that you prepare sizzling on your stove. 

That’s why you get forced to leave the kitchen by tossing the towel and give up the task…right? But, indeed, it’s wrong! Because of viral YouTube videos that help you learn lots of different ways to open a can with no use of a can opener. 

These videos are real-life Ron Swanson that has no issue serving fingers of his hands or offhandedly beating out a cleaver to open a can.

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That’s why all of the Leslie Knopes is out there that feeling uncomfortable slicing open. Well, something with a suitable tree-cutting tool, don’t gesture the flag of white just yet.

It’s because different survivalist ways are there to open your can without using a can opener. All of the ways will help you to continue on the dinner-making meal preparing adventure. So, let’s dive into the main discussion.

That’s why all of the Leslie Knopes is out there that feeling uncomfortable slicing open. Well, something with a suitable tree-cutting tool, don’t gesture the flag of white just yet.

It’s because different survivalist ways are there to open your can without using a can opener. All of the ways will help you to continue on the dinner-making meal preparing adventure. So, let’s dive into the main discussion.

Opening A Can Using a Metal Spoon:

Yes, you can indeed open; you can use a metal spoon. Even when you find you with no can opener, you should get at least a metal spoon in the kitchen. It’s one of the fool-proof hacks.

However, it might sound ridiculous; the spoon’s metal thins and cuts throughout its metal of the canned lid with slight friction. It’s essential to utilize a metal-made spoon for the trick because plastic won’t work in this issue.

Regardless of the suitable tools, opening your can is quite perilous. It’s because the aluminum cover is unrepresentative sharp. So, this can easily get deep cuts if you’re careless about it.

The danger may multiply if you don’t get a useful can opener to continue the hands at a secure distance from the can’s razor-sharp lid. Metal-made spoon pretenses are less of a risk than a sharpened and honed knife.

But, it’s still essential to manage the can carefully, as its lid is quite sharp. This is how to open cans without a can opener, just using a metal spoon.

The Technique Of Opening A Can Using A Metal Spoon:

Hold it steadfastly in place and set your can downward on a firm counter top or table. With the basin of the spoon to the underside, use the other hand to grasp your spoon at a 90° angle above the can.

Keeps the tip on the spoon’s position against the can’s liner lid with the inner side of the basin of the spoon is facing in. Insert the spoon on the lip of the can’s groove where the rim and lid meet.

Wipe the tip of your spoon on its lip of the can, using back with forth above a small part until the abrasion slender the metal. Also, the spoon wipes throughout the lid.

Proceed to a new small part until you have wiped the spoon throughout the metal versatile the edge of its can. The lid needs to be loose when you have rounded the whole can.

When you dig the spoon beneath the lid, you can utilize it to interfere with the lid’s upper sides. Since it’ll be extremely sharp, you should be cautious not to get the contact of the time of its lid with a finger.

So, you can use a towel that will protect the hands by disposing of the lid. And now you’re there. You have made the impossible thing simple and easy to possible. You have opened your can without using a can opener.

This useful trick will help you in times of terrible need while you may not be tossed away your can openers. You can show off this can open skill on the next camping, or you can help someone that can’t find a can opener.

That’s all about how to open a tuna can without a can opener using a metal spoon. And you can open most types of cans using this method.

Opening A Can Use A Fork:

It’s a fair warning, folks. This technique will probably destroy the fork. And go for a grandma that doesn’t truly care about it. It’s almost the same as the previous spoon situation, hold the bottom of your fork and put it on the peak of your can.

So, one point is on the inside rim, with another three above the border. Press down hard using your other hand or some baton until you can make pierce the rim of the can. It’s almost like using the spoon situation.

It would be best if you held the bottom of the fork to place it above the can. It’ll help you to keep one prong on the inside edge while the other three on edge. Use your other hand to tap down hard or some baton.

Think stick on it if it’s glamping or camping until you cut the border of the can. Keep the fork’s prong inner of the hole and continue working on your way on the edge of the can.

Cut several repeated holes and try again if you’re getting trouble tearing the metal with one small opening. That’s how to open a can without can opener using a fork.

Opening A Can Use A Pair Of Scissors:

Place blades of the scissors point-down over the can to the can’s edge, keeping them closed initially. Ensure one hand grips onto the handle of the scissors so they can be unable to slip. Then, hit the scissors to cut the can using your other hand’s palm.

At this time, avoid holding onto the can to keep away from having hurt if the can move or its blade slips. Placing the container on a plane area where it gets less possibility of slipping or moving and is, in any case, a forearm’s expanse from the body is a great way to accomplish this.

If standing and if kneeling, ensure your feet are steadfastly positioned on the land, that the groin is away from the act, because duh. So, it’s how to open a can without an opener just using a pair of scissors.

Opening A Can Using A Big Knife:

It doesn’t mean you need such a big knife to open a can. You want to use a chef’s knife that’s not like a butter knife for this technique. It’s the type of knife that comes with a blade extends below its handle. Initially, drive its button edge that’s also known as the broadest part of the handle.

It’s also closest to the knife of the can to pierce the lid. Now, start working as if you’re working with a can opener. It would be best if you were chasing its opening with the edge of the knife in a rocking movement.

Continue this way to hold it onto the can using the other hand. Also, rotate it that you’re moving it with your knife. It’s essential to stir if you desire to slash around your knife; it should not be in a reverse way with a knife or instrument work.

You don’t need to finish with the blade that is pointed at your side in any situation. So, always you should be cautious where you’re holding with your fingers on the can and where you’re cutting it.

That means you should be careful. Kids are not running in the kitchen while opening a can using a big knife. It’s how to open a can without a can opener using a big knife with ease.

Opening A Can Using A Basic Knife:

In this case, the sharper knife you use, the better result you’ll get. Any strong knife needs to do the task if it has a pointed tip, like butter knives will be the most excellent in your drawer for the job. It would be best if you put the knife’s tip directly on the inside part of your can.

Hold your knife upright with the hand steadfastly positioned on its handle. Cut the can using your lower palm of the empty hand to spank the knife softly. You should repeat the process to the can’s whole inner edge.

But, you have to leave a few centimeters as the gap of each cut. While completing this process, the can’s top will look like stitches of circular sewing. When you have stitched enough with an adequate puncture, hold your knife into a hole of many and softly blend it up.

Pry the top open so far as possible using the knife, and use the hand to peel the top off cautiously. Beware not to contact the edge, because it’ll be sharp.

Quick Tip: You should be very cautious while doing it. It’s because the knife is tough, and it may cause losing control that can result in injury. Just apply enough pressure that it needs to make the can be punctured.

Opening A Wine Bottle Without A Corkscrew:

It’s a quick and easy way of opening a wine bottle without using a corkscrew. In this case, Jenny Tough said, try the container as firm as you’re able to do in the weak areas all around its rim until you get adequate of a hole to have the things inside out.

No matter what you do, but never put your hand to pull the bottle’s lid to get food inside. She stressed that you should avoid anything without that thing. After all, you probably don’t like to visit the ER for some container beans.

Opening A Bottle of Wine With A Rock Or Concrete:

At first, grab the container upside down. Rub it rapidly against the outside of a patch or the rock of concrete. Ultimately, you’ll smash the seal, and fluid will be coming out. Be cautious that you should not accidentally put the entire thing of the container onto the land.

You can get a test-drive for every way to open a tomato can that’s necessary to the butter chicken you are preparing for lunch. It would be best to resolve that you can’t eat until you have the container open using no opener to get it more attractive.

Devised by aggressive Boy Scouts, or it might be a frustrated Mac Gyver. Initially, we thought every method was a crock. The spoon might be unable to do much.

But, it can make some scrapes on the can’s top. Thus, you’ll find some small dimples at the edges of the knife of the chef. Also, this concrete will make some scuffs. Maybe you need the necessary monster force.

Cutting an Avocado with No slicing Your Hand:

Another expert, Hine, says you can cut off the top using pliers or a knife when you see wetness leaking outside the edges. Also, you can undertake to softly press two sides to go the lid out, according to a YouTube video. Once again, keep the hands ahead of the tangible jagged lid.

Opening A Can Using A Pliers:

Use a needle-tip or flat nose pliers and hold the can’s lip to bend to smash the seal gradually. You have to do it all around can until you have been able to grip under the border and pick the top-up. But, Hine warns that this can be a bit hard to do.

So, you could get a simpler moment using the identical method as the scissors. The technique is to place your closed pliers down on the can’s rim and hit down to cut the can. Then bending and pulling your piers, either closed or open, all around its edge.

Method Of Rough Surface:

It’s the method you can use when you don’t have any tool to open a can. You need a stretch concrete or large rock with a flexible cloth to clean the top f the lid. The process is almost the same as the above-said Rock/Concrete method.

But, this process is a bit more straightforward. Get an uneven outside and sand its top edge down until it smashes the seal. You have to shave off the metal, then open its lid and eat or cook its inside food. That’s all about the process of this technique.

This method can take more time, but it works in a bit. And we guess that you’re most likely in an authentic touch if you’re demanding to untie a can. It indeed works well when you don’t have any tools like a knife or a spoon.

Helpful hints: Occasionally turn around your can to uniformly wear away the rim and press from time to time to assist the seal. Once you see dampness on the pitch, this is a symbol you have broken the seal.


That’s all about how to open a can without a can opener. We have combined lots of different methods to work with them in a different situation. One of these methods that worked well for us is the old-fashioned knife and hammer.

It’s because we don’t get a chisel. The method took just about 10 minutes and lots of unexpressed nuisance to open a can. The first piece was, by far, fascinating. But then we were truly impressed with ourselves.

We might not be doing it anytime next, but this is good to know should the requirement ever arise. That means it’s better to know regardless of you’re using the method anytime or not. But, time can come when you need to apply one of these methods.