In the crowd of lots of home technological products, you might be confused to choose the right pieces. That’s why we’re going to help you through this content. It’ll guide you to know what the latest technologies are out there suitable for your home as a homeowner. This is a guide to the smart home technology.

Having a home with smart stuff will enable you to get control over it all the way. Also, it’s essential to make your life balanced by saving money and focusing on the crucial things in an experience that you need most.

Lots of smart items are available to bring to your home to set your control over it. Well, let’s know about some of them below:

Smart Thermostat:

Upgrading your home doesn’t require lots of money when you buy a new, smart thermostat like the Honeywell Lyric T5. The thermostat is the CR Best Buy that comes with mechanical manual control along with so many intelligent features. 

The features include geofencing and voice control. Also, it has a function to adjust your room temperature automatically as per your leaving and returning at home. Even if you never used a thermostat, don’t worry. 

It has a detailed installation guide to get it done with ease. In some cases, you’re good enough to perform the installation task without hiring a specialist in HVAC.

Smart Smoke Detectors:

As a homeowner and if you would keep it for sale or rent, using smart smoke detectors will give your would-be homeowner or renter full tranquility. Smoke detection of an ideal home is a handy feature as it’ll send alerts to your smartphone if somewhere smokes when it detects it in your home. 

Also, it sends you signals if its battery runs low. A standard model of a smoke detector like the Nest Protect may cost just about one hundred dollars. But, many expensive models of products are out there if you choose one with more features and higher in quality. 

Even you have the option to convert your current detectors to the smart one. You just need to buy and install an alarm generating device that sends you available alerts when it detects.

Smart Video Doorbell:

While looking for a more secure home, a video doorbell is a great device to provide added security. Using a better quality camera that can send you to live video at the perfect location, like in front of the main entrance of your home is simply great. 

Whenever someone presses its doorbell or it detects any motion, the doorbell will send video alerts to your smartphone throughout the cloud activity. Many brands of HD quality video cameras are available in the market like the Nest Hello. 

They may cost from two hundred dollars to a few hundred depending on the features and quality of the images. You need to make a connection by hardwire and doorbell wire to make it work with the current digital and mechanical chimes. 

In case of having no wired connection, you should get the model that’s battery-powered like the Ring Video Doorbell. That’s available just under one hundred dollars.

Smart Lock:

It’s another excellent way of keeping your home secured, installing a smart lock to the front door. Many smart locking devices are available out in the market to install with ease. Most of them replace just the outer part of your current deadbolt that doesn’t require cutting or breaking of your door to install. 

We have tested some of the smart locks, and most of them come with practical and intelligent features that most homeowners will appreciate. The features include automatic locking & unlocking function while leaving & returning home. 

Among the elements, the major ones are voice and remotely controlled locking system. These features work with Apple SIRI, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. 

Also, they have options to make electronic keys if you need to prepare for your guests or handymen. The price range starts from two hundred dollars that depend on their brand, functions, and durability.

Smart Light bulbs:

According to the survey of Coldwell Banker, more than 63% of homeowners have already installed smart light bulbs in their homes. As an affordable and easy way, converting your current lighting system with the smart one using intelligent LED lights is getting more popular. 

You can start trying a starter kit that comes with multiple bulbs. It’ll allow you to include the outstanding ability of some fixtures and lamps. You’ll also get some handy options with the bulbs that price from fifty to a few hundreds of dollars. 

Apart from ease of installation, it involves minimally replacing the old bulbs with the latest smart LEDs. The best advantage of these bulbs is the user-friendliness that you can control using your smartphone through the internet. Making a purchase of ten to twenty dollars will provide you options to choose from different colors and features.

Smart Speaker:

You have the option to control all the above-said devices by connecting with the latest and smart speaker. In this case, the Echo Show of Amazon could be a great option as it’s rated by CR Best Buy. The product might be a bit expensive, but it’ll undoubtedly make you wow. 

That’s because its live display of video feed comes from video doorbell by merely asking the preset Amazon Alexa at your home. The device is also all set to adjust your thermostat, the LED smart bulbs, and the main entrance. 

And all three are possible to do at a time as per the Goodnight schedule. You should find and install their matching Alexa Skills that are available in the Alexa app’s Skills Store to connect these devices. 

If you want to install Skill, you have to sign in to the particular device’s account, and it should have the Alexa app on that device. No matter the installation process is somewhat tedious, but it’ll make you satisfied in the long run. 

Controlling everything using voice command is getting more popular day by day. So, if you’re a home builder and avail of these amenities in your buildings, it’ll undoubtedly amaze latent buyers.


We discussed six smart devices that may cost from $1,020 to $1,100. If you look at the value of the current U.S. homes, it’s $226,800. 

That means including the latest technology can increase the cost by about 1%. It’s a smart move with smart devices because they boost the appeal of your home.